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We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the largest Trader/ distributors of " ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC TEST AND MEASURING INSTRUMENTS IN INDIA". We have been operating in this line of business from 1998 onwards and catering to the needs of almost all the major Government, Semi Government, private and public sector industries including the defence, telecom, power generation, Iron & steel sectors. We have been introducing a lot of products keeping pace with the latest cutting - edge technology and hence making our organization a "ONE STOP SHOP" for all your needs in measuring electrical and electronic parameters from simple Voltmeters & Ammeters to Oscilloscopes & Spectrum Analyzers to High Voltage Testing equipments.

We have introduced Multi brand Range of products over the last few years and these have been widely accepted by various customers because of their exclusive quality, high quality workmanship, accuracy, ruggedness and for its value of money. Off and on we shall be introducing more products in the range keeping in view the needs of our customers and following the tradition of high quality and value of money.

When dealing with us you can rest assured of high quality, prompt deliveries and quick response for after sales service. Our associates constantly check and test the instruments before the sale of the same. Almost all the instruments are available off-the-shelf with us, hence making the deliveries prompt. As for the after sales service we have an experienced team of technicians equipped with high quality test tools and equipments to take care of servicing.

Our team of experts always look for opportunities to introduce new high quality instruments with latest state of the art technology. In case you have anything to offer us we are always open for the same. We also undertake calibration jobs for acquiring calibration certificates traceable to National & International Standards. Our associates have their entire primary calibrating instruments traceable to National or International Standards, hence making it possible for us to issue certificates traceable to National or International Standards. We would request you to kindly give us a chance to serve you and we assure you of our prompt services at all times.

Our Wide Product Range
AC High Voltage Test Set, Acidity Testing Kit, Analogue Clamp Meter, Analogue Multimeter, Bench Type Multimeter, Cable Fault Locator, Calibrator, Carbon Mono Oxide Meter, Clamp On Ground Resistance Tester, Coatmeter, Combustible Gas Leakage Detector, Current Transducer, Data Logger for Sound Level, Data Logger for Temperature & Humidity, Data Logger for Voltage and Current, DC High Voltage Test Set, DC Regulated Power Supply, Digital AC/DC Clamp Meter, Digital Ammeter, Digital Ammeter Controller, Digital Anemometer, Digital Capacitance Meter, Digital Clamp Meter, Digital Clamp Meter with Wireless PC Interface, Digital Clamp On Power Meter, Digital Coal Consumption Counter, Digital Counter, Digital Distance Meter, Digital Earth Tester, Digital Frequency Counter, Digital Frequency Meter, Digital IC Tester, Digital Insulation Tester, Digital KWh Meter, Digital LCR Meter, Digital LCR Multimeter, Digital Leakage Current Meter, Digital Lux Meter, Digital Medical Thermometer, Digital Micro Ohms Meter, Digital Milli Ohms Meter, Digital Moisture Meter, Digital Multimeter, Accessories to Digital Multimeter, Digital Non Contact Infra Red Thermometer, Digital Power Analyzer, Digital Power Factor Meter, Digital Pressure Meter, Digital Process Meter, Digital RPM Meter, Digital SMT Component Tester, Digital Sound Level Meter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Accessories to Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Digital Stroboscope, Digital Tachometer, Digital Temperature Controller, Digital Temperature & Humidity Meter, Digital Temperature Indicator, Digital Thermometer, Digital Three Phase Ammeter, Digital Three Phase Voltmeter, Digital Time Interval Meter/ Timer( ON/ Off Delay / Cyclic Timer ) , Digital VA Meter, Digital VAR Meter, Digital Voltage Controller, Digital Voltmeter, Digital Wattmeter, ELCB Tester, Electrical Tester, EMF Tester, Event Counter, Forehead Infra Red Thermometer, Frequency Transducer, Function Generator, Hand Tachometer, High Voltage Detector, Hot Line Indicator, Hour Meter, Infra Red Ear Thermometer, Infra Red Temrature Calibrator, Insulation Tester, Integrated Meter, Kelvin Double Bridge, Laser Disctance Meter, Logic Probe Cum Pulser, Metal Detector, Million MegOhms Meter, Motor Checker, Multifunction Environment Meter, Multi-point Temperature Indicator, Non Contact Temperature Controller, Oil Test Set, Oscillometer, Accessories to Digital Storage Oscilloscope, PC Based Oscilloscope, PC Based Function Generator, PC Based Logic Analyzer, Primary Current Injection Test Set, Refrigerant Gas Leakage Detector, Relay Test Set, Short Turn Indicator, Sound Level Calibrator, Spectrum Analyzer, Transistor Tester, Time Totalizer, Transformer Turns Ratio Set, Two Color Infra Red Thermometer, Vibration Meter, Voltage Transducer, Wheatstone Bridge

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